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For developing packaged applications in GJS we highly recommend GNOME Builder. GNOME Builder can download the latest GJS version for you and provides support for developing secure, structured GNOME applications.

If you do not have GNOME Builder installed you can get it here.

Using GNOME Builder

Creating a New GJS GTK Application Project

First open GNOME Builder and select New... to create a new project.

Choose JavaScript and GNOME Application so GNOME Builder correctly configures and creates a template for you to build your first project from.

Configuring the Runtime Environment

Go to build settings.

In your application ensure that the runtime environment is set to Gnome Platform 3.28 or higher.

Working in Other IDES

If you are working in another IDE it is possible but more complicated.

Download the Template

First, download the application template (or use git clone [link])

Install GJS

Install GJS from any of the packages below.

Verifying Your GJS Version

Verify your system has a recent version of GJS. Type...

gjs --version

...into a terminal. If your version is below 1.50.x it is recommended you use GNOME Builder or build GJS from source.

Building Your Project

To build your project open a terminal in your project's root directory and type the following...

meson --set-prefix=***/your/project/directory***/run/ initialize Meson. Now type...

mkdir build && cd build && ninja && ninja build

Running Your Project



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